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Fresh Eyes Upon The World

Making Life a Spectacular Journey

THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHORT BOOK is to offer important questions and answers relevant to almost all of us. The answers are my own, but I believe these answers embody a sense of wisdom and truth designed to encourage you to draw your own conclusions. We all need to get a clearer perspective of who we are. We need to assimilate new information that will broaden our understanding of ourselves and of our world. The answers in this book are intended to inspire you to step bravely forward by following the passionate dreams of your soul. You have a purpose between your birth and your death. The world needs your contribution no matter how small or how significant. We are all in this show together.

Journeys Of The Heart

The Miracle of Life

EVERYTHING WE DO IS A JOURNEY. When we arise to embrace a new day, we have begun a journey. When we sleep and when we take a stroll at dusk on a warm summer night, we are on a journey. Whatever truly keeps us breathing is trying to tell us something about itself. We can never escape the journey of our lives! Journeys Of The Heart is a powerful collection of vivid, lyrical, and evocative poetic pieces that takes us deep within our beings to discover new meaning to life. The book reminds us of the beauty, mystery and wonders of the world and what lives within us. Each piece in the book is like looking at some aspect of life through a kaleidoscope.

Books previously written by Neal Grace

The following books are currently out of print. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a copy.

  • Words Dissolving Into Silence
  • The Seasons
  • Wings Of Change
  • Homage To A Mysterious God
  • Sacred Life