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Neal Grace | Fresh Eyes on the World Book Cover - Bay Area Author
Grizzly Peak Press
Spring 2019
300 pages

Fresh Eyes Upon The World

Making Life a Spectacular Journey

THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHORT BOOK is to offer important questions and answers relevant to almost all of us. The answers are my own, but I believe these answers embody a sense of wisdom and truth designed to encourage you to draw your own conclusions. We all need to get a clearer perspective of who we are. We need to assimilate new information that will broaden our understanding of ourselves and of our world. The answers in this book are intended to inspire you to step bravely forward by following the passionate dreams of your soul. You have a purpose between your birth and your death. The world needs your contribution no matter how small or how significant. We are all in this show together. The more conscious we are, the more successful we will be in transforming fear, doubt, anger and resignation into joy, fulfillment and triumph.

"The magic formula for success is revamping our core beliefs."



The magic formula for success is revamping our core beliefs.

Most people think high achievers come from a special ilk and possess a seminal, built- in drive giving them the right ingredients to be successful. This is not true. The people who reach summits of success share a common denominator, which is available to anyone. What they own is an unrelenting determination to reach their goals no matter what the conditions look like on the outside. In other words, they are unstoppable in their pursuit of a dream. They may become discouraged at times, but nothing rips their drive from them. They want to succeed so passionately their energy propels them onward, as if by some mystical force. This high level fuel or motivation is available to all of us.

You just need an inner confidence unmarred and unscathed by all the naysayers who emphatically denounce you or tell you your dream is totally implausible. You need to love the process leading to success, not stopping along the way to count your losses or wallow in the disappointment at how long it is taking to get you where you want to go. There is a fire burning inside the high achiever which cannot be squelched even by a torrent of water! If you can believe in yourself without being conceited—and embrace a strong sense of humility—you can do anything in this world.

How does an ordinary person incorporate this major attitudinal change into his or her life? Simply by shifting the understanding from an external one to an internal one. The external one thrives on getting positive feedback from outside sources. This is not a bad thing, but you cannot rely on others to keep you buoyed as you follow your dream. The outside is not the source of your strength—you are! The internal one taps into a deep reservoir inside you that offers you its ample power and enthusiasm as long as you allow it to flow without blocking it with your doubts, fears, reticence, and apprehension.

Believe in yourself. Feel great about who you are and how you live. If you question whether you are worthy of stupendous success or deserve it, you will smash your chances to smithereens. You need undeviating focus, trust, hope, and gratitude as you climb the mountain alone to reach the summit of your most impassioned dream.