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Journeys Of The Heart

The Miracle of Life

EVERYTHING WE DO IS A JOURNEY. When we arise to embrace a new day, we have begun a journey. When we sleep and when we take a stroll at dusk on a warm summer night, we are on a journey. Whatever truly keeps us breathing is trying to tell us something about itself. We can never escape the journey of our lives! Journeys Of The Heart is a powerful collection of vivid, lyrical, and evocative poetic pieces that takes us deep within our beings to discover new meaning to life. The book reminds us of the beauty, mystery and wonders of the world and what lives within us. Each piece in the book is like looking at some aspect of life through a kaleidoscope.



The dawn has come with its soft, surreal light
from a celestial dream and
a promise of a new day, serene and mystical.
The dawn has come, unfazed by the sway of human drama.

The light beckons all things to it
like a magician revealing something so mysterious and so wondrous, he takes our breath away
and then returns it with a surprise that defies logic.

Why worry when this moment belongs to you?
Why stand anchored to the past when this day
does not care about your memory?
The day is too precious to allow sadness to vex your experience.

The ruby light flows into your heart on this glorious morning with only one message for you:
You are alive! You are alive! You are alive!

Can you even begin to realize what a gift it is
to be able to stand as a conscious, living, vibrant being
as you lean into the light of the rising sun?
Can you silence the churning thoughts in your mind?
Can you release all desire to understand the nature of existence?

The dawn has come to you this day.

Honor it! Touch it! Cherish it!

Come home to yourself, to the deepest place of freedom! Come to the very edge of the world
by leaving all your memories behind
in the trenches of forbidden fears.

Then, find your beloved there, next to you,
enraptured and transparent, waiting to love you forever!