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Fresh Eyes Upon The World is a nonfiction book comprised of eighty-six powerful, relevant questions that most people wonder about and ponder often during the course of their lives. The answers to the questions are concise, clear and insightful, offering profound truths with a positive theme for people to assimilate and apply to their personal journey. In contemporary times, we are aware of a vast slew of tragedies and misfortunes besetting the world. Most of us feel powerless to effectively transform these tragic issues. This reality weighs heavily on our conscience and stymies our creativity and love of life!


Grace Cathedral Performance

Neal Grace begins the concert with his lyrical and alluring poem, Ode To Summer. Lucas Meachem, world-renowned opera star, performs with Neal at this event.

Neal Grace has always followed different paths to discover unexplored frontiers—from living in the woods for months, to traveling with a backpack around the world, to forging a career in the business world that gave him a taste of material comforts. A keen observer of the nuances of life, Neal began chronicling his experiences through the written word. He has performed at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and other venues, sharing his passionate messages to inspire others to live freely and creatively.

"This wonderful book will leave you enriched and more aware of the potential that a consciously lived life represents."

- Dawson Church, PhD

Author of the award-winning science book, Mind To Matter: The Astonishing Science Of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

"Neal’s mastery of the word and human nature will touch your soul. You can pick up anywhere in the text and find gems of knowledge and direction worthy of the great masterpieces of both Eastern and Western literature."

- Ron Wilson

Photographer and Butterfly Expert

"Neal Grace peels away at our learned behaviors and beliefs to their raw core for examination and reflection."

- Milisav Ilic, Ed. D.

Director Instructional Support, Corona-Norco Unified School District

"This is a wonderful book that acts as a starting point for readers to ask themselves questions and answer them. It is a great way to connect with self!"

- Bonnie Cohevet

"Neal makes it possible for everyone to relate to his book and as a result, the world is blessed for it!"

- Mazdak Khamda

Music Teacher at The Dominican University

Monday Meditations

Today Is A Miracle

Without sounding trite, I want us to know how precious today is because it can never be repeated! Today is special, for it offers us opportunities to celebrate our life. Each day is a miracle. Each day is a gift to us to explore, discover and experience! There will never be another day like this one. Yes, it's true that some of us are struggling with challenges today. These cannot be ignored. Yet, at the same time, today is still special, still belonging to you. Live it passionately! Love it! Honor it by doing everything in your capacity to find something beautiful in this day.

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