Neal Grace Author Website


"Neal Grace peels away at our learned behaviors and beliefs to their raw core for examination and reflection."

- Milisav Ilic, Ed. D.

Director Instructional Support, Corona-Norco Unified School District

"Neal! Your sense of vision, and your prodigious talents, call for a much larger stage than the Bay Area."

- David Koot

Executive Director, Wellness Central

"This is a wonderful book that acts as a starting point for readers to ask themselves questions and answer them. It is a great way to connect with self!"

- Bonnie Cohevet

"Neal makes it possible for everyone to relate to his book and as a result, the world is blessed for it!"

- Mazdak Khamda

Music Teacher at The Dominican University

"This wonderful book will leave you enriched and more aware of the potential that a consciously lived life represents."

- Dawson Church, PhD

Author of the award-winning science book, Mind To Matter: The Astonishing Science Of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

"Neal Grace’s book is an inspiration of powerful insights blended with delicate hues of wisdom. It is a book to keep close like a loyal friend."

- Dr. Will Tuttle

Author of the international best-seller, The World Peace Diet

"Fresh Eyes Upon The World is a must read for everyone! I can open any page and find thought-provoking and practical revelations that apply to me on my life’s journey."

- Reverend Luzette Celeste McDonald

Co-Founder of the Telos Healing Center

"Neal’s mastery of the word and human nature will touch your soul. You can pick up anywhere in the text and find gems of knowledge and direction worthy of the great masterpieces of both Eastern and Western literature."

- Ron Wilson

Photographer and Butterfly Expert