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An Evening with the Stars! Meet Vegan Poet Neal Grace!

Wellness Center, San Francisco, CA

Meet acclaimed vegan poet and Marin native, Neal Grace, on Wed. Jan. 9 at 6 pm. Neal is the author of 15 books. His latest work is entitled, “Sacred Life: Mystical Verses”.

Neal's talk is entitled, “Our Relationship With Animals”. Here is how he describes it:

“We humans have had throughout our history a most unusual relationship with the animals of the Earth, including birds, reptiles, sea creatures and insects. We have devoured them; tortured them; loved them; worshiped them; feared them and have changed the conditions of the world as a result of our actions toward them. Most of us perceive the creatures of the Earth from a narrow perspective where we impose our values and interpretations on them. We do not understand them and we do not see them as the miracles of Nature they are. We elevate ourselves above animals and conduct our activities in irreverent ways toward them. In this brief talk, I will present ideas that will shed light of the subject of our relationship with animals. I will introduce new concepts about the animal world, showing how they are—in many ways—more evolved and more mystical than we humans are! Animals are great teachers! It’s time . . . to learn from them.”

Neal will have his books available for purchase and signing.