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No Other Person Can Make You Happy!

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One of the biggest and most prevalent misconceptions afflicting people is that we think our relationship with other people will make us happy. This is not true! Your best friend; your mother and father; your lover; your wife or husband; your friends at work...none of them will ever be a source of your happiness! Yes, these close intimates can provide you with much joy and fulfillment--but the ultimate source of your happiness resides within you! People, no matter how close and how much you love each other, can disappoint at times. You can be upset with your close friends; you can feel hurt or slighted. Other people, no matter how deeply you are connected to them, cannot give you  sustainable happiness. This must come from your own life force, your own spirit. Your attitude and your way of interfacing with the world fuel your happiness. This does not mean you disregard or neglect your close relationships. Cherish them, for they provide you with an array of uplifting experiences. But the lynchpin to your continuous happiness is based upon the deep, caring, reverential relationship you have with yourself!

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