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Since human history the question of coping or dealing with the struggles and suffering in the world has reverberated right up to the present time. No one seems to be able to offer a satisfactory answer. For simplicity sake, I will try. Life is a glorious adventure and a miraculous unfolding process that never stops until the day we die! But, unfortunately, life is also a paradox complete with dark, miserable and unwanted moments! We cannot escape the duality of this world. But we do not have to become victims either. We can choose to gravitate toward the light by a positive, hopeful, upbeat attitude--without having to ignore the shadows that surround us. Don't let the pain of life crush you! Don't let the harrowing moments make you a prisoner to grief. Remain present and alert and aware--but never forget to keep your eyes on the path before you that you create by your love of life and your willingness to be the captain of your destiny! Remember, you can follow the rainbow even if it's something you can never touch!

Cooing with the struggles of life